Abandoned Insane Asylum

Date: 1/16/2017

By kodokushoujo

I was sitting on a metal table in an abandoned insane asylum inhabited by vampires who were trapped by the boss guy who was also trapped in a way. He got a dog on me because I was trying to escape through the window but I forgot it had a net on it. I hid behind this black sofa inside there with the dog and decapitated it but it didn't work. I consoled it after it started squealing. I got an idea. I took off the dogs leash because he too was trapped. He was attached to the ceiling. I opened the window and tried to mar a hole in the net with the leash. Then the boss guy came in on me and laughed. he ended up making the hole wider and hopped in it. I pushed him out and somehow he pulled me out too. We were vampires and it was snowing. I ran as far as I could away from that place. until I reached a gas station full of fans who just watched a game at a stadium. I had a journal with me. that said the boss guy was coming for me. I tried to cry for help to bring me back home. a few turned me down until a police man got involved and somehow comphisated my journal on the ferry.