Killer worm we have to kill

Date: 7/17/2019

By LucyElla

I was on my bed or sofa asleep but I heared a noise and when I looked up the person in the room with me had bite marks all over them I recognised what it was from it was this worm that I have fought before but he seemed to of done nothing about it so I asked him where it went he said out the door I knew we had to do something about it or it would grow bigger we were in a big house with a few other teenaged meaning there was a lot of stuff in the room so I decided we had to kill it by creating a weapon out of the stuff laying around but for some reason my eyes kept closing and I was struggling to keep them open and focused so I had to tell my friend what to do instead to make it and told him how to harm it as I had seemed to of done it before then the dream shifted I was in the same house with all about 5 of us but the worm was no longer there I was in the kitchen talking to one of the residents about my pets I had 2 dogs which they all knew about but he then asked who's the cat was so I told him she was mine and was bascicly the queen so look after her and that's all I remember.