Old Nightmare 1: Cant Wake Up

Date: 9/7/2019

By misty-alone

So I'm laying down and I realize my eyes are closed and I want to open them. I cant. My vision is like that pressure purple you see when your eyelids are closed. I shift and shuffle and realize I cant wake up. I'm getting scared. I keep moving intensely to try and wake up. Suddenly a thought washes over me. Lay still. And I do. A hand presses on my breast and on a section of my back. I jolt myself awake before it can do more. I'm in another dream. I'm in my sisters room for some reason...? But it's not really hers? Her room used to be mine when I was 3ish before we completely moved in with my grandparents. I think it was her room back when I was little and slept there. But my mind obviously doesnt register that and thinks it is my sisters room. Hence why when looking at the wall and seeing the shadow of a man leaning casually against it I was scared. I thought it was one of her stickers or the headband board. I ran out to tell my mom and grandparents about the nightmare but then realized I was naked. I woke up for real after that.