Khal Drogo's Uglier Brother

Date: 3/19/2017

By flayedheart

A tribe of women are led by a brutal man who has them as he pleases. Another male enters the picture; a doctor who performs surgeries on the women. At the next tribal meeting, one of the women tells the fearsome leader about a surgery she had undergone, in which the doctor had sewn up an unnecessary part of her body. She praises the doctor, and the leader progressively gets angrier. When he asks to see it, it's revealed to be a second vagina on her armpit. The organ has been violently sewn shut in a most painful way, and the woman is nervous as she reveals this. The leader is enraged. He takes a toothed blade and rams it into the sealed wound and slides it through her body, grating through her flesh and bone as she screams in agony. I woke up at this point!