Crazy Eventful Day

Date: 4/12/2017

By tkdturtle

Way earlier I was dreaming about a bunch of colorful balloons lined up in a row late at night. I was standing off to the side of them and Something happened and they all burst simultaneously and sprayed fire at my face. This hurt! I could feel it burn for some reason! So I woke up scared. (Dream continues) I went to chemistry class at my college and the room looked different and smaller. For starters it was a chill day I was already a little bit late but then I had to leave mid class (by mid-class I mean like 10-15 minutes in). I was in this huge warehouse thing and it was empty for a little while and I was just didly-dadlying around and then this rhino queen come in there with her staff and hundreds of rhino guards and commanded everyone to form these circles before her. They came in rolling like armadillos and then stood straight up at attention in there formation. The rhino queen was standing on some very high up ledge and she called out my name and I said "yes ma'am!" And she said "get in the middle circle" that the rhino soldiers formed and I said "yes ma'am"! again and went over to the area. There was a girl in my way so I ran back a little bit and then ran forward and did a side flip over her head and landed in the center square and stood at attention. Then the rhino queen wanted me too come up on the platform with her and pay attention. I was super tired so when I got up there I curled up into the fetal position and started drifting off to sleep. The rhino queen bent down and I don't remember what she was about to do but I moved something from in front of me to make it seem like in wasn't asleep so she wouldn't be mad. But then I magically transported to my college dorm room. It was dark and it was a mess but it was a whole lot bigger in this dream. I went to the door to answer it because I heard a knock and this guy *name confidential* (the guy that asked me out in real life [that I turned down] was there)! I was about to question his presence but then he barged in. He didn't say anything about the mess. I was walking to the bathroom with only my bra and underwear on cause I had just woken up and he followed behind me. I started hearing him say "look. At. That. ASS!" (My ass is actually small AF -lowkey non-existent in my opinion) but anyways he was saying that under his breath while I was walking and I let it slide until he grabbed my ass after I fixed my underwear (I had a wedgie). I turned to him and put my finger on his chin and tilted his head up over me and said "eyes off my butt, and above me" (he was taller than me in this dream - we're the same height in real life). Then we walked back over to my bed area. I was going to get ready to go back to my chemistry class but then he sat down in front of me. I don't remember what was said, I just know that we started kissing. I could feel everything in this dream. It was weird. And cold 😷. I didn't enjoy it. And the dream didn't stop, it let it drag on. And then next thing I new, I was walking into my Chemistry class. The teacher was there for 1 minute and then she left. We were expecting her to come back but then she didn't for some reason. Another lady came to sit in for a little while. My friends and I were sitting there talking and then my old teacher assistant from high school miss Kutlik walked in and said " you guys are lucky. This doesn't usually happen. You are dismissed". But by that time there were like 6 of us out of a class of 150 left because everyone else started leaving earlier. So when we left that room for some reason we teleported to a graduation party wearing our old high school colors and grad gear. It was outside at night and there were lots of people, there was food and drinks, and lots of lights and decorations. Everyone looked like they were having a good time. There was some girl next to me and I asked her if she went to greenbrier too and she said yes and we shook hands. She was wearing the same grad gear I had on so I shouldn't have even asked. Then I saw my mom and she said "go say hi". She wanted me to say hi to this little girl 2-4 years old that loved me. She wanted to play some games and hug me but I told her to wait a minute. I left and she looked kinda sad. Savanna (my best friend) was by me and said she wanted to go play with matcho (a dog) so she left. I grabbed my key and headed to my dorm. Our dorms looked like the apartments I lived in in Germany. I felt like I had gone through the wrong door and I did. I needed 4332 not 3332. So I had to go to the other building. Some boy in the stair well offered me his large dr. Pepper from McDonald's but I declined and said "oh, no thank you, I'm on a water cleanse for a couple weeks". And he gave some fact about water cleansing but I didn't hear it. I pretended i did after he repeated it twice. Then i realized I had two room keys for some reason and I didn't know how I got the other one. I looked down and there was another key just sitting ok the stairs. I didn't touch it though. My choice now was to go outside to the next building over, or go through the basement system I guess we had. I chose that so I ran through it. It was very long and wide. I got to the end and there were a bunch of openings i could go through and I couldn't tell which one was the 4000 building I needed. There were these two girls sitting on the steps leading one way playing with these clear lid things and asked them where to go. They tried to get me to go down into this dark basement. I looked down at the basement and I was creepy as hell! I looked back at them and said "fuck no! You got me bent" and then I turned and saw my friend Sheena. She looked a bit scared and frazzled. And had a blank stare on her face. I realized then that this was a dream and i just started running back down the hallway while trying to wake myself up because I was scared for some reason at this point. I do think I was slightly lucid here but I'm not sure at all. At one point I thought I woke up (I had one of those dreams where you wake up multiple times). I "woke up" and I tried to look around but it was hard for me to open my eyes. Once I did a little bit I looked around. I was in a dark cluttered house on a couch near a kitchen. There was a cot next to me but other than that I was alone. It was really creepy. I woke up here multiple times until I held my breath for a while in order to wake myself up in real life.