Date: 5/2/2019

By DweebMyGuy

So it was pitch dark after midnight in an empty city with no way to navigate through it. Somehow Don Cheadle was able to travel through the city with ease in a black SUV. We made it into Central Park where he accidentally hit 2 guys which killed one of them. The other dude that was hit tried to crawl away but for some reason I just hit him in the head which killed him. I got back in the car with Don Cheadle and we didn’t know what to do since we killed 2 people. It was such a loud silence. We drove back to the “HQ” where the car started to transform back into the garage and it amazed me

AI generated interpretation Dreams involving murder are often associated with a desire to release or rid oneself of negative emotions or feelings. It is possible that in waking life you may be experiencing stress or frustration that you wish to eliminate. The empty city and pitch-black environment can represent feelings of isolation and uncertainty. The character Don Cheadle may represent someone in your waking life who you look up to or admire. His ability to navigate through the city with ease can symbolize your desire to have a similar sense of control or direction in your own life. The accident in Central Park where two people were killed can represent a situation in your life where you may have unintentionally hurt someone or caused harm. The act of hitting the other individual and killing him can represent a desire for control or a fear of vulnerability. The silence after the incident can represent a sense of guilt or shame that you may be experiencing. The transformation of the car back into the garage can represent a desire for closure in the situation, a sense of moving on from the incident. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your desire to release negative emotions and rid yourself of past experiences that may be weighing down on you. It may be helpful to explore these feelings in waking life in order to find a sense of closure and move forward.