Check your neighbors backyard before moving

Date: 7/28/2017

By ItsLucidity

So my body starts out in a house. I live in Pennsylvania but I think I was in the southern states. So one off the highest ranking kkk member lived right next to me our houses were like 20-30 feet away. I'm only about 1/3 black but it seems like I'm a lot more because I am also Native American. So I have two friends and one day while the kkk guy was away we stupidly explored his house, the same reason I went in was the same reason I should've stayed out, I was lucid dreaming. So we are in and through the window we see this rather large fence that makes up sort of a larger pig pen except instead of pigs it's these weird humans trapped in there. There are probably 7 or 8 of them. When we get a good look their eyes have something over them but it's hard to explain. So I don't really know how but somehow I Broke something on his wall, I didn't tell my friends but when we got back I think there was something on my wall that indicated I was the one who did it and they got super scared because apparently I had released one of his pet humans or slaves I don't really know. So then they start crying and say he knows. I say how? He wasn't even home but then they scare me shitless in the dream when they say, he hears everything, looking back that would mean that my friends would have been caught too because they were talking the whole time while I sort of lingered but hey it's a dream. So then I think I'm transported onto a bus and there are two kids talking About how to get home, it's raining so the kids don't want to walk back like they walked to school. They aren't old they are like 10.eventually one kid gets out and jumps into a river? I don't know but it was some huge body of water that had ships at dock but he just jumps right in. Then we start heading towards my house we get there and nobody is home which is slightly strange but not anything crazy because my brother usually stays after school for debate or to work, my mom usually is still at work and so is my dad, and my sister gets home an hour after me. It's still Hella creepy though because it's pouring outside like it there was a hurricane. I forget exactly what happens but I think I find the guy in my house somehow kill him and then with him dead the pet humans need a master and since I was the killer one chooses me? The rest go on amazon 😂 and sell ridiculously fast. I also forget how but my human ends up dying. The whole story is just bizarre and strange.