Date: 1/20/2017

By littlececi

Just woke up and felt the need to write my dream down before I forgot it because of the feeling it gave me. I dreamt I was watching prerecorded late night talk show, some celebrity talking about trump as new president...picture zooms in on the top right corner of the screen where it shows date and time and it keeps zooming it where it's almost like pixels and then a msg pops up when fully zoomed in, the number 148 with a pic of Oprah Winfrey and futuristic message saying she was/will be murdered....Bleh the dream gave me a horrible sick feeling to my stomach and I felt shaky. Woke up feeling like I wasn't alone in my room. Googled the meaning for number 148, says What goes around comes around. That is the message from angel number 148 meaning. You do a good deed; in turn you will receive in three folds. When your actions are the course of pain in another person’s life then the universe will do the same to you. Always strive to do good. You have all the guidance and support you need for your advancement in life from angel number 148....I don't see how that correlates to my dream but whatever. Weird