immersive nightmare

Date: 7/12/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

wow! that was intense. I first recall playing a game work D. It was some sort of sea battle game with boats on the water, but the scale was huge. We were playing in what looked like an artificial lake and the vessels were quite large. they seemed to shift in size from that of a small car to the actual size of a boat. He beat me in the game because he sank one of my boats with a catapult, killing much of the crew. I recall trying to pick up the pieces of the boat that sank and it was overturned until someone drained the water. The next thing that I recall is walking home with D. we were on the side of the road, and for some reason a Subway sandwich shop pops out in my head. At that time, Brenda called me and I told her that I did not think she was interested. the last thing was that we were at s grocery store, and I put coins into a game that changed everything. for a second everything looked like a cartoon and then, it was all real. it was difficult, like Dark Souls, and there was a giant worm like creature that kept killing me. I was trying to ride it, but I could not seem to get the truck of it, and I died in a video game way, meaning that I knew I died, but I was not really dead. I lost one of my lives. I could hear directions on how to create and kill the beast, but the task was impossible. Then I wanted to quit playing, but it was also impossible. Suddenly there were these strangely moving humans who I knew were bad guys and I was wrestling with them to keep from getting bit, almost as if they were zombies. I was with D again, struggling to protect him from this horror game that for some reason we could not escape from. The main enemy would get stronger as we killed his mindless minions, but they were there, and they were not terribly difficult to kill. Their moved funny and grunted instead of talking. It was a bit disturbing. We were in a small group walking in some sort of parade and I broke off from the safety of the group in order to get some sort of weapon. I had to kill a few of those humanoids and I found some stakes that I told the rest of the group about. I also found some pieces of a head board to use as a club. that is the last that I recall. I know that I was scared. And that I wad trying to protect D from getting killed I this very immersive and frightening game.