my ex

Date: 3/12/2017

By TaylorLeigh

i was with my ex, Evan. i haven't seen him in about a year. we had been together for almost a year, but we broke up a lot in between because i was a whore.. we live states away now. so in the dream: i was driving, and smiling so hard. i was otp with him the whole time, but i dont remember the convo. when the car stopped, i was at Evans house. i jump out, run up to the door & knock on the door hardly. Evan opens the door i jump on him & hug him & i start to cry he puts me down & looks into my eyes, & wipes the tears off my face. his eyes were filled with tears also. i lean in slowly to kiss him & we kiss, slow & passionately. i open my eyes while we're kissing, and i wake up. i miss him so much. i would do anything for him to take me back.