Homecoming & slanted houses.

Date: 4/9/2017

By buggie

I was rushing around making homecoming mums. I was making several of them since many people had ordered them from me. All the orders were from people I used to go to school with. But while I was rushing to make them all. I kept thinking that I didn't have time to make one for myself and everyone kept telling me to go with them but I was telling them I was too busy getting everything ready and didn't have time to make one for myself. I had to run and get something and left all my supplies out in the big room where everyone was. It was a strange huge open room where tons of my family and friends and people I went to school were and it was all white. When I came back my supplies where were moved from one spot to a corner near the restrooms. I got mad because my mom moved them. I told her not to move my stuff as I had everything arranged the way I needed it and now I would have to deal with people walking by and getting in my way. So then I moved my stuff again. So I finished the mums finally. So then I use an old mum and alter it for myself after I'm finished with everyone's order. Then the dream switched and I'm in a car with someone I think it's family. I'm looking out the window and the houses are huge and look weird. They are slanted to the left. All of them. All the windows are slanted too. I haven't been to a homecoming game in like 10 years so I thought that was funny. And the house we're just really strange.