Naaaasty 😝

Date: 2/15/2019

By darnetaahmeera

This was a 3 part dream i kept falling asleep / waking up during. The overall gist is that there was a couple visiting our house. Noone else was home yet, just me and my sister and we were still cooking. They went up to wash their hands and I found them on my bed making out. I called out dinners ready but they ignored us and the guy pulled down his girlfriends pants to burry his face in her legs. I gave my sister a weird look , who were they anyway? We never introduced ourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 Mum and my step-dad made it home and we set the table. The couple came downstairs like nothing was wrong. I went to my bedroom to check my things were still there and it was fine During dinner they disappeared again to 'get the wine they packed' and my sister caught them dabbing at my bed with a wet sponge and wiping the sheets 🤢. We finish dinner and they leave. They turned out to be friends of friends who my step-dad bumped into on the train. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 My sister kept mentioning I should do my laundry over the dinner table. Half as a joke and half winking at me to be careful when I went to bed that night. I was convinced she was winding me up about changing my bedsheets. I saw the couple making out but they were on the purple throw over and I didn't hear any noises. I went to bed to find my sheets had been turned inside out. There was a wet patch by the foot of the bed I ignored because I was really tired and my feet never reached the part of my bed anyway. In the morning I woke up to find several white pancake sized splodges all over my pillows and my bed sheets 😒😫 I'M PUTTING A LOCK ON MY DOOR