Phil Lester writing fanfiction

Date: 11/11/2018

By IFailAtUsernames

I was watching a live show Phil started suddenly and he said “Don’t tell Dan because I’m supposed to be editing a video right now but I’m bored so I wanted to start a live show and I’m currently writing fanfiction.” I’m not sure what fandom he was writing for but he accidentally shown some things on screen including his username so I looked it up and found it on AO3 and I saw he written a fanfic for Frozen that was Kristanna smut and I remember thinking “I wish it was a different ship so I could read this without cringing because I’m too gay to want to read about dick” and then Dan came in the room and didn’t realise Phil was live-streaming and he asked Phil if he was done yet and Phil said no and then Dan noticed what he was doing and he was laughing at Phil saying “Are you seriously writing fanfiction again?”