Insane New Society

Date: 7/7/2017

By lightsleeper

We were in line to enter the new society, where we would be assigned our new jobs and where we would go. I was scared because we heard rumors about some of the jobs being hard and the leaders were strict with punishments. The leaders spoke a different language to each other so we couldn't understand what they said. They were of the Islamic faith. I got my assignment. It was artist. I was grateful. I immediately went to my room to begin working. We had to produce one good piece per week or we would be punished. I remember there was a part where I was running around outside, trying to get back into the building. I could see into other rooms where my friends were with their instructors. I got in through mr Taylor's room and returned to class. I drew a map of something and then a paintbrush being dipped into water. I remember it was so beautifully done that I wanted to remember what it looked like so I could recreate it in real life, but I've forgotten it. It was so clear though, unlike other things I see in dreams. We get to the leave the room at lunch to go to the courtyard. I find Carson, my best friend. His job isn't too bad. It was actually one that I was permitted to marry from. Time goes by and I am notified that my job has changed. I'm immediately terrified because this rarely happens in the new society. I am taken into a different large compound I've never seen before, and am led to a bedroom. I quickly learned my fate. I was given lingerie and makeup and told to make myself look pretty. I did as told. A man came in and pushed me down on the bed. Despite the forceful introduction, he began talking to me respectfully. He told me I had been chosen as a sexer because I had been caught masturbating in my room. He liked that. He started asking me personal questions about it, like how fast I can orgasm and how many times. He went outside and made a phone call. The intercom turned off. I was surprised he could do that. He said he would explain later and then made me masturbate for him. He joined behind me, pushing me in and out of the corner of the bed. He then threw me to the floor, grasped my hair, and forced his dick in my mouth. Then he flung me into the bed again, cuffed me down, blindfolded me, and began touching me and licking me. He took off my blindfold so I could see his big dick penetrate me. It was painful yet I enjoyed it more than my art job. Afterwards I learned he was the utmost leader who had control over everything, and I was to be only his sexer and not leave his huge compound.