Shooting in school

Date: 7/8/2017

By KDNDreamsWorld

It was weird we left our class an entered the playground where we saw a bull or a hippo playing in the sand pit, than we sat down in our table than we heard some gunshots and a teacher came running in and said everyone hide under the tables, now this canteen was pretty open; as in you can escape from many places, I chose to run to the elevators but when I changed my mind and hid under the tables (my character changed my mind; it was a normal dream) then a guy came down the stairs and he shot with an long barrel gun the nearest table to him and then he came towards me while shooting the tables and the kids underneath them he came to our table and reloaded his weapon and saw me. He grabbed me and pulled me up and he brought me up to the front of the canteen where everyone can see then I talked to him and for whatever reason he took me to the stairwell and he somehow transformed the gun into a short pistol after what looked like a conversation he came back down. So he came back down and he pointed his gun at the students and the far end but he didn't shoot, he ran off to the playground and were never to be seen again. A teacher came in a said we were going to have s vote in the gym so we went up, but I went up last where I saw the shooter again, he went up with me and another student and we were all walking very slowly than we walked up to the front of the gym and he pointed his gun but didn't shoot and ran off. I walked in and ran into my group and thats when I woke up.