Date: 3/17/2017

By twilson37

I dreamed that I was in a movie. It was a monster movie. There was everything from dinosaurs to alien looking creatures. I had seen previews for this movie. Weird to see previews before the movie was even shot. It started out in a classroom. An alien critter attacked first. I was like pppffft whatever. It's just a movie. Then it got hold of me with its teeth. Ow! That hurts...that feels frighteningly real. Everyone scatters. We all end up on a boat. I am hiding in the rear left corner. I have seen this preview. A T-Rex attacks and this whole corner of the boat disappears. I am pretty sure this is just a movie but I still don't think I want to be here. Where are all the special effects. This should be a green screen, but it is not. I leave my post to hide somewhere else. I think I am in my mother's bedroom in my childhood home. Dream ends. I think this dream was invited by a conversation with my son's friend. He was helping refurb a trailer. They were doing floor work, had the house jacked up on one side off the foundation. dumbass that owned it forgot to set the brake before break. It was windy, the house was rocking, and it collapsed and tore off left rear corner of the house.