Freddy Kruger like Monster and Never Ending Death

Date: 6/10/2017

By MysterSky8

Dream: it was like Freddy Kruger, but to the people in my dream. I remember going to this house, and it was a group of people I was familiar with and had relations with. We went inside, we knew the danger. There was a bus ride prior that everyone took to get to it. There was one guy actually who was too afraid, and didn't go. Lucky him. So we get inside and it's not bad at first. Some people are suited in huge mechanical armor, think the last Matrix movie, but smaller. I remember mostly being attached to this one guy, and when I say attached, I mean I know his story the most since I saw the most occur to him. Some character in the dream I would leave the main guy and follow them, I wasn't really a singular character. I just experienced them all in a way. So, the guy I mainly stick with, I know he has someone he is sweet with, and she's in the group. The house reminds me of a warehouse. Dusty, dark, shelves and items everywhere, like they are meant for you to take cover with them. There are windows on the outside too. We talk at first and get along. There is a moment in the dream that doesn't really go with the story and timeline that was building up, and it's kinda perverted, but there is this trial of sorts and there is this beautiful Blonde hermaphrodite. He has the chest of a man, but the lower part of a woman. The trial is to seduce the seducer. There are two other guys with me, and we are all considered this persons "boyfriend." After talking to the blonde person I actually genuinely start to like this guy, but I don't want like that he is very openly giving himself to others so easily. I get hazy on the details, but I try to show true feeling instead of just sex. There was sex too, but I wanted more than that. The other guys want to mean more to him too. I did something, something I said that makes me the winner. The other guys leave and I stay with the blonde. Now, back to the original plot: We are fighting something. Wether it's shooting, or fighting during our dreams since the enemy can kill you in your dreams too. There are gun shots everywhere, there are people dreaming and getting chased and killed. I even dreamed in the dream and remember being in this department store, I think I was by a makeup section- I love playing with makeup in real life- and I remember being interested in the products. I hear a noise and turn, and it's this floating ugly face. I remember wondering how he can run so fast. It was like I can run the opposite direction and he is there before I can even make 3 steps. I remember I am able to get out of the dream, but I don't really remember how. I have this hazy memory of seeing his whole body, it was very fish like and I understood after looking at him his fins helped him with speed. I remember getting higher ground than him and killing him with probably a shotgun. Once I get out, I notice others being while sleeping. There is a woman that the guy I am fancies. I switch over to her point of view for a little bit. She is very scared, she doesn't want to die, but it seems nothing is harming her. There is a special use for her later she hears, or just knows. Some little voice tells her and it makes her feel gross, but she is happy to be okay. She is being spared for now. She spends most of her time supporting the man I was in the point of view for the majority of the time, because she fancies him too. Most of everyone is dead by now, and I go back to the guys point of view.i think we are trying to leave the house now, and something is stopping us. The woman gets grabbed and is held within midair. The creature/evil guy that has been killing everyone reveals he is going to put his child within her. He takes out this long, pale worm-like wriggling creature and spreads her legs. For some reason she isn't wearing underwear. I'm laughing remembering this, because even in my dream I was thinking, "Why wasn't she wearing underwear!" Lol, I'm a modest person and it surprised me. I hear a gun shot, and the man has shot the creature/evil guy's child in half. We somehow escape and enter this crazy split section of the dream. He gets separated from her, yet their times are Loosely connected. Like the Lakehouse movie with Keanu Reeves. She ends up having his children and raising them alone and he becomes a wild man trying to find his way back. In the woman's back yard are all sorts of living creatures, none that are known on earth. They are friendly, and very connected with the earth. I lose detail here, but somehow the man ends up back at the horrible house, and there is a new group of people inside. He is no longer a wild man, he is dressed and has a shotgun and he does something drastic this time. He starts shooting to kill the people in the house from a single window. He starts off doing okay, killing people left in right, but they start to overpower him and get to his window. Later he makes a deal with them he will help them kill the dream creature of the house, and so many people continue dying at the hands of the creature. That's all I remember at the moment.