Jaws but in real life

Date: 3/8/2017

By guido38

I have no idea where exactly I was geographically . But from what it seemed like to me was an exotic animal farm that belonged to a millionaire . Anyway I remember going and buying a family member I think it was a llama . Anyway they had a pool that was above ground a couple feet that also went underground as well . There were no windows on the sides of this pool . There was a little rectangle island in one of the corners . There was also a building toward the middle that was connected to the edge that I guess was the storage shed for food. Anyway got in the pool like I wonder why there are no steps and it's just like a drop in and out . So I carelessly just started swimming . I saw a shark dorsal fin above water and was just thinking to myself like wow a shark , now who would go through all of this trouble to try and scare me. Looked under water and it was an actual shark propelling toward me . So I turned the corner around the island because it went actually underwater as well . And turned another corner . But eventually the shark caught up . And I opened my eyes as it was opening up its jaws to swallow me whole . I'm going to go get some sea food later . Fuck this 😏☺️ πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ½πŸŸ