hawaii, stunt planes and ghettos

Date: 1/16/2017

By j marie

my parents had a two week vacation in Hawaii but I was only able to join them on the last day before they went home. we went to this small island and someone was swimming and doing tricks with a whale. I had a seal that would charge at me and then lift me up and out of the water, propelling me 12-20 feet backward so that I could either flip or cannonball back into the water. Then we were back in the vacation house and a bad storm was coming. I flew out the next day and I ran into Zach from work. I had tried to leave the plane again to purchase a plane ticket but the doors closed and the plane pulled away. I had no time to get buckled into a seat so I had to hold on to a strap near the floor in order to not bounce around the cabin because the pilot started doing aerial stunts. I finally landed and ended up in a strange, yet familiar town. I hitched a ride from two random chicks to a tattoo parlor where I then proceeded to call Troy as I walked toward his house. He got mad because I was walking through a really bad part of town but I kept reassuring him that I was fine. I saw someone robbing a store but averted my eyes so that they wouldn't count me as a witness and try to kill me. I kept walking, with troy still on the phone trying to convince him that I was fine when I suddenly got tackled by a woman who was in a serious fight with another woman and I somehow ended up getting shot in the back or side. I tried telling troy that I was no longer ok. then my alarm went off.