Mad man

Date: 8/22/2019

By CHaughton

Dreamt that a woman was in her apartment when she realised that a crazy stalker or obsessed man was trying to enter the apartment building to get to her. She called the police & security for help, hoping they would stop him. She puts the latch on the door & goes to the kitchen for a knife but can only find a small one. Very quickly that woman became me. I watched on my intercom camera that he had managed to get past security & make his way to my floor but didnt know which number I lived in. I thought I may have to use the knife but then I noticed that he was holding a shot gun & realised if he gets in, my life is over. I had to climb out my window, knowing I was high up which scared me but I was desperate to survive. I thought, I cant escape but if I can hide by standing on the ledge between the windows, he wont see me. Quickly I realised that plan was not going to happen. I tried calling on people to help me. I some how ended up in my best friends apartment. I could still see him firing at apartment doors. My friend seems so calm & unaware of the danger. I then see police charging at him, struggling to cuff him. I leave the apartment to face him & tell the police that when they are done, I want a moment with the man who tried to take my life. I was angry & wanting justice