Date: 9/17/2019

By potato_ninja5769

Basically I was alone. Like jack left me? And no one was talking to me... I couldnt get ahold of kayla or anyone and my parents were just...gone and I went into my bathroom because that's my safe place you know that. But I walked in and heard a voice. I was staring at myself from inside my mirror. The outside me was crying and the mirror me was switching. It kept telling me to kill myself but I was saying no. And it started talking about all my failures and how everyone left me and no one was here anymore. And finally I gave up and said okay so I grabbed a knife and the mirror me switched and started crying and screaming telling me to stop. But it was too late. I like.. slashed my wrists and there was blood all over my floor and sink and myself. And I saw from the mirror version of me.... I was looking at my own dead body