I don't know 3

Date: 4/27/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

Okay, so these days apparently I can't remember my dreams in a logical way. I put on some nail polish, at a certain point. Then I remember going to a little town and getting in a bus. It would go through super narrow and dangerous streets. It was like a semi-abandoned city. Then I moved onto two other scenes. The first one I was rehearsing with my band. I was sitting next to a big white library and the drummer was behind me. He was fatter then I remember and had his shirt lifted up for half of his chest. The guy who coordinates the band was angry with me because I couldn't start playing, I was distracted by my phone and so was the drummer. Then I remember Aurora and that she was insisting to carry my backpack. We discussed about it and there was someone else with a really tiny backpack and other strange details that I don't remember. My memories are so disconnected and can't seem to make sense. I woke up more than once tonight, other than the usual three times for the medicine and everything.