Back to elementary school

Date: 7/18/2017

By sum

This dream was really strange in that it was really vivid, and it seemed to be lucid without me even trying. It starts out with me walking through the halls of my old elementary school as present 19 year old me. Except it's in the past. So it's around 07-08. It was after school hours as there were no children in the classrooms. I walked down the hall, and took a right into my 5th grade teachers room, let's call her S. So I walk in and S doesn't know who I am at first. I bend over and look at projects that are on the windowsill, looking at familiar names until she asks who I am. To this i say "I'm one of your present students, SN. I came to say that I'm 19 now and I turned out alright." S got really emotional and we talked a little moment before I left. Next I'm at my neighbors house. I see my friend, J, as a younger 10 year old version. He's practicing baseball with his father when they see me walking up the lawn. This is all I remember