Bus accident

Date: 3/17/2019

By thunderstorm

I had a dream about that I was going somewhere and I don’t remember where but I was on a school, until it got into a nasty accident that was pretty at all, there where lots of injuries and there was also people killed right in impact, I got injured really bad and I was in a lot of pain, then people that wasn’t injured turn off there cars and got out of there cars and started to help until Paramedics show up, I was pointing at a police car that went into a ditch and the officer was moving at all, then as I was put in the ambulance they got the officer out of the car, I was rush to the hospital because of my injuries as I got to the hospital, they called my parents to let them know where I was at and what just happened, so I had to go into surgery right away and after I was done I was put in the ICU and I had my own room, my parents show up to be at my bedside and waited for me to wake up, as they waited my dad was text aunt carol telling her what just happened to me earlier today, and also told her that I haven’t woken up yet from surgery, when I started to wake up my great aunt and great uncle just walk in the room to visit me in the hospital, but I was very lucky to be a live after what just happened and it was on the news I wasn’t really paying any attention what they were saying because I was still in pain. The doctors don’t know when I able to go home, but my family where so glad I was alive and happy to hear my voice, so my aunt and stay about 2hours and they went home but my aunt told me that she will come back and visit me and stay a little longer. Before my aunt and uncle went home my aunt gave me a kiss on the forehead and she told me that she love me very much and that she will visit me tomorrow and might stay the night at the hospital with me to keep me company. The next day I got breakfast but it was soft food to start out with and it was a step of getting better and the sooner I get better the sooner I get to go home, my parents told me they talk to my boss at work letting them know I will be out for awhile and told them I was involved in a nasty accident, so my parents had to go to work but they told me that will be back later in the day. So my aunt was the only one who stay and keep me company and she kept my parents updated on how I’m doing, most of the day I was napping I wasn’t very hungry but my aunt told I had to eat something to getting better and she’s told me I couldn’t eat the chocolate pudding unless I something else first then I get to eat the chocolate pudding. After a week being in the hospital I got discarded from the hospital so I got to go home but I couldn’t do very much I had to rest it was doctor orders. So my aunt took me home.