Pleasant Vivid Story and Fantasy Video Game

Date: 3/11/2017

By LionFoot65

In this dream I think I almost got lucid. It started with me talking to my hot coworker about how I would fuck her and she seemed really really interested in having sex because we started taking about it. While this was happening, I was rubbing my hand on her thighs while I looked deep into her eyes. We never had sex in my dream tho lol. After that me and these other people went to this house and there was a story plot that went on before I started talking to my hot coworker which I mostly forgot. After that, my cat woke me up lol. When I started dreaming again, me and my little brother were in this room that we used to sleep in together in this house we used to live in. I remember how I thought I didn't feel like I slept in the room the night before because it seemed so real. I saw that my brother was playing this video game on his nintendo or something. I remember he was playing a mini game of a spinning wheel game on it and that he had to match the colors of certain objects to the colors on the wheel to get points. When I saw how to play I asked my brother If I could because I thought that was what the whole game was about but he explained to me that there was more involved since he had to upgrade his avatar from this little red riding hood girl called Road to this red and yellow robot T-Rex which looked pretty badass and I think he said that he was on level hero lol. Once I "learned" how to play he gave it to me and when I started playing it, I got so immersed in the game that I was actually inside of it. In the game there were these people telling me of a prophecy that Road was not going to be the shaman of her village but then another person said that she was going be the shaman of her village so I was a bit confused until I found out that she was actually chosen by the spirits to be the shaman. Then I was in third person of the situation and I saw that her teacher was this glowing blue guy with an Inca hat who also seemed sketchy and Road was there with her green humanoid mantis looking spirit that said that it loved to control shaman and the blue guy seemed to agree. Then I saw Road laughing as if she was above the situation. A few things that I forgot happened after that but I remember that the blue guy got mad at Road because she did something she "wasn't supposed to". After that dream I vividly remember that I was outside with my backpack and that I was smoking the weed I didn't finish hours earlier near a taco bell which looked so real. After that I shamelessly started walking naked to the high school to use the restroom (idk why) but before I got there I saw a friend whom I shook hands with although he didn't seem to care that I was naked. When I got to the restroom I decided to use the girls restroom and someone outside asked someone else what the heck I was doing there. Then my friend sends me this picture of a really cool bong he just bought that looked so vivid with shades of blues and greens swirls in it. I was excited to smoke out of it but I woke up after that.