Jungle Maze

Date: 6/1/2017

By jevan

me and my friends who i went to asia with are walking around this giant city which is really futuristic and is really busy. There are skytrains, trams, cars around this big pedestrian square. We walk for a while and come across these massive, amazing waterfalls. We stop and eat our lunch. Next scene, we're in the jungle and we are in this maze. We start off in the safe part of the jungle where all the wildlife isn't dangerous. Mr Tait is our tour guide. We go round this forest path and Mr Tait is picking up snakes and throwing them out of the way. There are all sorts of animals around. I particularly remember these house cat sized lions running around with manes and everything. Then we get to the dangerous part of the jungle and the snakes are suddenly a lot more aggressive. we're having to fight them off by this point. I should also say that the locals are pretty confident and our driving past or walking barefoot through to the centre of the maze. It's also a lot darker now and we have to use flashlights. Our tour guide picks up a nasty looking bug and tells us it buries itself in your skin and then he pops it in his mouth and tells us that it's absolutely disgusting to eat. We eventually get to the centre of the maze and there are like school chairs and umbrellas and people eating and drinking beer. This one guy is making a cog out of wood and its really intricate. He gives it to us and points us in the direction of these giant rocks. There's a picture on the rock and a cog-shaped hole in the rock. We simply have to match up the picture with the rock but Rob struggles with it for a while. It's painful to watch because I don't want to step in and be bossy but at the same time were getting nowhere so i tell him it's not quite matched up and he gets it. The cog was a key and the rock splits open revealing were on a cliff with waterfalls and floating rocks (like avatar). In front of us are a line of water wheels suspended in the air. Mr Tait reads out general knowledge questions and we have to jump and grab onto the right step of the wheel that has the correct answer on it. Bare in mind were like 1000 feet in the air. Also the wheel will swing round underneath to the other side as soon as the first person grabs it so we all have to be in time. We get a couple of them right, one of them was about capital cities, and then my mum wakes me up while im in deep sleep which is annoying haha.