Goast hunting

Date: 4/20/2017

By sharkey161

I was with a group of strangers and brianna, we were planing on going ghost hunting so the girls got in a red convertible and drove with the music blasting and we approached this cave and the music cut out and it had black velvet and a hanging man that was screaming and was all zombified, i was so scared and the convertible just drove right into the man because who ever was driving the car was stupid, then i was so scared i work up I fell back asleep and now i was in bay beach brianna and hunter ellis were working there for some reason. Apparently the boys i have never met were playing a trick on us and the man we ran into was an actor. We waled around an abandoned bay beach and waterpark (idk if bay beach has a water park too) we then chilled in the gift shop till brianna kicked us out