Flashback to the History Behind the Arlene House and how the one who lived before got framed for Murder

Date: 3/7/2019

By baburubān

I set up my mattress/bed on the floor at the Arlene house, parents bedroom. I invited Chauncey to lay down with me but he was uncomfortable because he had a girlfriend. Eventually he laid down, but he wanted there to be flowers in the room for “making the room”. I went outside and brought some white flowers in but he was unsatisfied, so I went out again and among the flowers I found a white book with blue detailing. I picked it up, and once I stepped back inside the room, Chauncey wasn’t there, and nether was I. Instead of the garden it was now a swimming pool, and there were three children present. In the dream they had names but I can’t remember them, so I’m just going to call them A B and C. A was a smart asian girl with long hair and bangs who always bore a smirk or evil grin. B was a short haired asian girl who wasn’t necessarily dumb but she didn’t say much... even through a silent smile you could tell she was dangerous. And C was a much smaller short straight haired asian girl(?) who was always in this “sleep walk” state, never listening to commands and repeating the same path over and over again, almost like a ghost. A was apparently a neighbor who liked swimming in our pool, so she did almost every day. B claimed that she was a friend of A because of school, and typically rode around those toy tricycles. C always walked throughout our side yard, walking the same path over an over. A and B often misbehaved and would do small little things that were bad: throwing grass at each other or in the water, destroy a table, etc. But eventually something clicked: A and B always wore different uniforms, so they couldn’t possibly be friends. I confronted them about it, to which A agreed and B became angry. Like, explosively, dangerously angry. I tried to escape through the side yard, but C wouldn’t move out of my way. A then built an odd machine out of all the stuff she had destroyed and B under it, only for the machine to decapitate the young child and for her body to fall into the pool. A then walked under, suffered the same fate as A, and then stained the pool red. I looked down to my feet and C was gone, their lifeless body already in the pool. I then get a time jump that shows an article I had written for the newspaper. I’m a middle age white women with a blonde bob and a husband with long hair and glasses. I had photographs of the girls throughout the article, laughing and swimming together. I, I assume, was a traveler from America throughout the 70’s, and the murder of these two girls prevented me from traveling Japan further. I can only assume I was in jail by that point. And that’s when I woke up.