Top Secret Alien Meeting

Date: 3/5/2017

By jaymz

So in this dream, me and a couple friends were somehow able to sit in on a U.S. and Russian meeting about aliens. My friends and I were behind a velvet rope and the security intelligence man let us walk past and down the stairs into a bunker. In the bunker was a U.S. official and a Russian official. They talked about aliens. They started saying that: Humans originated from alien life. We are from them. Second thing they said was: that we were slowly. Killing them off. Us and the pine needles were killing them (I'm not sure what that means but I know actual pine needles is what was said in my dream) Third thing was showing the two different types of aliens. One was like a little stereotypical gray alien but it had like an orange headdress floating around it. The second was similar but it had a triangle around its head. I think this was the end of the dream. I know hey talked more about how it was too secret. But it seemed like we were the bad guys.