Date: 3/2/2017

By ImprovdHat

The dream started out in a kitchen I don't recognize with my sister and Joey. We're making a video for our absurd YouTube channel and Joey and I are dressed in these weird costumes. Then 😶 and 🦄 show up and all of us decide to go to some weird shop.🦄 is actually some black widow level spy and wants to go to the shop so she can pass on intel to her superiors. We're all goofing around there but then my view switches from first to third person. I'm like fly on the wall listening to her conversation. As a 3rd person audience member, I know exactly what's up but when I go back to being myself I'm not sure what's going on but I'm suspicious. Then 🦄and😶 keep leaving the shop to go on these wacky adventures and they come back laughing their asses off, both in these trench coats, dancing in the rain like a dumb rom com. I get all annoyed and jealous so I look into 🦄s phone when she leaves it after coming quickly back to the shop to tell us their fun stories. This is when I start to lose touch with the dream and begin waking up. I know that if I show everyone what's on her phone, everyone will flip out. Then 😶 will get upset and demand why I'm looking into her phone in the first place. I get so frustrated because that's not even the point and he's only defending her because they're so close and it drives me crazy sometimes. So I yell "I'm trying to protect you!!" and he's really bitter and says "I don't need YOUR protection." ••••••••• I lose control of the dream when I hear Becky ask my sister if it's okay to wake me up. In my head I say I wouldn't mind, but Channin tells her I'll get really mad. Then I start planning what will happen and what I'll say when Becky rouses me, like for comedy (their conversation and my thoughts are in the foreground, the background is me playing as Mario, jumping on 2D platforms and whatnot). Then I realize I'm dreaming and can go lucid. I forget what I asked for (I think I asked for a good dream) but I was in the library (where I was sleeping IRL). Somehow or another Becky approaches me after I talk to 😶and she says that 😶 is "back on the market." I just nod and say "I'll get on that." Then she stands there and won't stop smiling at me, a little creeped out (and refusing to believe this is a dream) I begin climbing down the most dangerous stairs in my life while hearing the custodians complain about how awful the stairs are.