Academy of darkness

Date: 3/14/2019

By DareDevil002

So, in this dream I was in some sort of academy and everybody was mostly dressed in black. I remember walking out with a couple of friends and seeing other people of the academy we supposedly hated since I was showing them the middle finger and them shouting shit like "Where are you headed this time, bitches?" (we were headed to the church), then I yelled "To pray for your brutal death, Bastard!" So the reason for going to church (it was night when we did, or late evening) was that something went down before and a lot of people died and some were taken hostage at the church. I asked the others which entrance we wanted to use. Side entrance or front for a "grand and flashy entrance". We chose the front, of course. So when we went in, there were a couple of people praying but it rather looked like a cult gathering. They looked at us in shock of our presence there. So eventually we accused them of the death of the people and that it wouldn't have happened if the others weren't taken hostage here. Some older lady pushed us back towards the entrance and told us to stop snooping around and then we went back to the academy any so I woke up. - E