Lion King the Musical

Date: 10/28/2017

By Moonlight233

Alright so: I was trolling around and jokingly sent an email claiming I was apart of the musical (but only a school performance, and it actually started as the Aladdin musical but it changed) I sent to to one of the main actors (idk why) and then he emailed back asking different things and I just kinda awkwardly replied. Then my school went on an excursion and we went to see the musical and when it was over we all sat outside eating lunch and someone came over and started talking with me and Im awkwardly staying silent or saying random things. He ends up leaving for a second to talk with some other people and my friends are wtfing, so I explain and they all just kind shake their heads at me. The dream ended abruptly with me and the actor just talking and my other friends going along with it.