The Maintenance Man

Date: 4/26/2017

By mmartin16

I was out walking Luna and it was up high as if I was walking on the roof of a building. I was talking to mama on the phone. A man began to yell "Get out of here! Get out of here! Let me see that dog!" and I shouted back with concern but judgemental in my head "Sir it's okay! She's just a puppy! She won't hurt you." I peer over the "roof" and see and maintenance truck doors wide open and the man is yelling "Come down here!" As I began to go down the ladder, still on the phone, he starts to shoot at me, I dodge each bullet. I'm thinking to myself "I need to get us out of here and start yelling "HELP!" and he says something about no one's gonna help you here. As he yells that an MP pulls up and I think "Thank God!" and began to yell for help again. It was weird because at this point i knew it was a dream and in the dream i "woke up". My eyes felt different, more open, but I was still on the roof. I woke up in the same scene giving the illusion that I wasn't sleeping, this was real. The MP doesn't acknowledge me but looks at the guy with the gun and gets rope from his truck. Now the ways of how this worked don't make sense looking back. He tied the rope to my ankles and pulled and I went straight down over the roof as if I was bungee jumping and dangled from the roof. I felt all the blood rush to my head. I was close to the ground. The man with gun comes up to me and tells me some weird psycho stuff to try and "calm" me. He does this as he begins to tie my body to a ramp, face up. I remember thinking "Are they going to drive a vehicle on this with me as the ramp?" I woke up.