Sad + Rad

Date: 5/9/2017

By teerific

Had a dream we were at a really fancy event, Estefany and Emmett were there, so were Jordy, Erik, and John. Emmett came down the stairs and he was wearing a black jumpsuit with a halter neck, it had silver embellishments. He was also wearing black chunky heels. He looked boooomb It wasn't too out there, so nobody said anything, he kinda blended with everyone. It seemed like the next day, where he came out again, but this time he was wearing a loud, flowy dress and a kimono cardigan. He looked very upset and came to me. I took his hand and asked if everything was okay, he said people were ignorant. I saw his phone and there were a bunch of nasty texts from Zoe. I told him not to listen to anyone and that he looked great, he said I was sweet.