Pleasant Fever Dream

Date: 9/10/2019

By oni_no_onii_chan

The dream started with a field trip (people of all ages, imagine it like Macross City but voluntary) in this giant house that was placed on a giant lizard that walked over the sea. The field trip lasted for a few months and there was way more free time than school days. A lot of my friends and acquaintances were there, and my former Chemistry teacher was one of my close friends. Our group was investigating haunted houses and all kinds of supernatural stuff. At the end of the trip, I showed a bunch of people a One Piece movie. It was a weird, imaginary one where Luffy fights an ice cream opponent and wins, but after the battle becomes engraved in hardened ice cream and has to rehabilitate for months before reuniting with the crew. The credits of the movie also depict kid Luffy training with Sabo, in the Dragon Ball artstyle for some reason. Anyway, one of the people I met through that was a long haired guy who overcame a major sickness and was in a metal or rock band. After we came back from the lizard trip, we were walking around my block talking, when someone from gradeschool hit me over the head with a really soft pillow. My new friend rushed to fight back but I explained everything and we laughed it off. Afterwards, we were walking through a mall, and out of a small hallway, a girl with semi-long hair, that board-and-paper thing scientists have, a pink shirt, black pants, and a strict but shy look (she really looked like Charlie from Bumblebee in a way) called out his name. He quietly followed her, and before I got a chance to say anything, a big flock of kids and teenagers my age appeared and was heading inside. Hesitantly and anxiously, I followed. It was a dark room in the basement of the mall. Everyone started taking seats around a huge table. I was kinda lingering at the door, but the girl from earlier noticed me and invited me to come in. I sat next to her. We talked for a bit, but she still had a serious, worried look on her face so I ended it quickly, as to not bother her. I still thought she was really cute. Then, the meeting started. Basically, they were angry at my friend for going around on field trips instead of holding concerts. Then I realized that the girl I was sitting next to was kind of a right hand to the lady that was the manager of this underground agency. The lady was kinda like this spunky and carefree middle-aged woman, opposite of the girl. Then they moved on to other topics and the atmosphere got more light-hearted. I realized everyone had a name card in front of them. As I looked to the right I realized the girl was making one for me. She was trying really hard, and even though it came out sloppy, I found the gesture really cute and let out a quiet "aww" which she heard, got flustered, said "y-you're welcome", and turned her head away. As the boring meeting went on, I went for a half-nap, my head kinda leaning towards her chair. People noticed this, and my friend playfully took a picture of us. I got really flustered and felt bad for her, but when I turned to her, I realized she was kindly but playfully smiling at me. In fact, I even realized that her chair had gotten moved significantly closer to me. We kept talking and laughing more and more, and before the meeting even ended we were super close and dare I say in love. After the meeting, everyone, including the owner lady, went over to a huge bed where they were dancing and talking. Me and the girl kinda looked at each other and silently went "nahh", and proceeded to talk about silly things. I guess they didn't dislike her, she was just really distant and closed-up towards them, and I was the first person, let alone guy, who showed any kind of continued affection or interest in her. Plus, we were really similar. We then played for a bit. I took a few chairs and made an armadillo armor out of them, while she used her umbrella as a rapier. She'd try to fence me in between my armor while I'd attempt to grab her legs and wrestle her down. Every once in a while, someone would come up to us and tell us how cute we were, at which we'd get kinda flustered and keep being together. I realized early on that this was a dream, but I wanted to make the most of it, and when everything started fading and I started disappearing, she gave me kind of a "You'll be back, won't you?" look that broke my heart. I woke up with this melancholic feeling but it was a magical dream that I'll never forget...