old dreams 3

Date: 2/13/2017

By CatOnTheFiddle

I'm in an old hotel. Don't remember what I was doing, but I find an elevator. The elevator is connected to different worlds, a one for every floor. One of the worlds is a savanna with an oddly purple sky. From it, the same creatures that were in the last dream I posted come out. As before, I think that they are trying to attack me until I realize they are my allies. They come back to the hotel with me and we basically try to be super heroes. At one point we hear a child screaming and we rush to save her, but she was just having a temper tantrum. Nothing much more happens until I wake up. It was an odd little dream... I'm not prone to recurring dreams, so I find it interesting that the same creatures appeared with almost the exact same reaction from me. To this day I still cannot remember which dream cane first, this dream or the temple one.