Digital art, After a long trip, standing in the middle of town, desperately trying to reach her mother who isn't answering, she is startled when her mom suddenly appears and unleashes her anger on a friend for breaking her phone; later, while taking a shower at home, she discovers a mysterious shampoo bottle labeled solely with a chemical element.

Can't Get Home

Date: 1/17/2017

By Hikertrash48

My church had gone on some kind of trip. So we got back and I'm walking and trying to call my mom to tell her "we're back." I keep calling and she isn't answering. I found a friend of hers and borrowed their phone to see if she answers. She dosn't pick up her phone. So I'm standing in the middle of our town trying to call my mom when she just shows up. She starts yelling at her friend that if he hadn't broke her phone then maybe she would be able to answer. Then I'm at my house and I'm getting into the shower. I notice that there's a grey bottle sitting on the edge of the bathtub. It's shampoo but the only thing on it is a chemical from the periodic table.

AI generated interpretation In your dream, there seem to be two main components that depict feelings of disconnection and unpredictability: the inability to reach your mother and the mysterious shampoo bottle in the shower. These elements may symbolize underlying emotions and concerns you might be experiencing in your waking life. The church trip could represent a sense of community and familiarity. However, upon returning from the trip, you find yourself trying to contact your mother but facing obstacles. This could suggest difficulty in establishing communication or a sense of distance from her. The repeated failed attempts to reach her might reflect a fear of being unable to connect with or rely on her, potentially highlighting underlying anxieties about the strength of your relationship or a need for her support that is currently unmet. When your mother eventually shows up, she is angry at her friend, blaming him for the phone issue. This dynamic may indicate unresolved tensions or frustrations within your family system, where external factors or people hinder or complicate your connection with your mother. It could reflect a desire for support and understanding from her that feels obstructed by outside influences. The scene transitions to you being at your house and getting into the shower, where you notice an unusual grey bottle with chemical labels from the periodic table. This imagery may represent a feeling of uncertainty or potential danger in a seemingly familiar and intimate space. The juxtaposition of a normal shampoo bottle being replaced by a chemical symbol can symbolize unpredictability or a sense of unease in your personal life. It might be reflective of hidden or underlying emotions or situations that you may not fully comprehend or feel comfortable with. Overall, this dream suggests a theme of difficulty in establishing connection and a potential fear of unpredictability or loss in your relationships. It may be valuable to explore any underlying concerns, unresolved tensions, or anxieties that may be affecting your feelings of connection and security in your waking life. Open communication with loved ones and self-reflection can help address and navigate these emotions in a constructive manner.