Zombies & silk whips

Date: 6/16/2017

By MoonSliver

It began with my mom, sister, brother and I traveling back and forth through park resorts widely spread out. No zombie appearance occur until only I am shifted to a hotel resort with a carnival game set up. While there there is a conflict between two males, one of which tries to make me do sexual acts. This sends me into the hotel to hide and spend the night. Once there a mutated zombie(F) attacks. I urge other people to get in the elevator, all get in but once we make it to the top floor only a couple (approx 5 F) remain. Zombies beginning coming up the stairs (M then F). I use a silk whip as a weapon as well as strength. Location shift to a "bus-like" submarine. No action occurs there that I remember of. Location is shifted again to my own home. My mother, siblings and grandparents are relaxing in the living room. While my boyfriend and I are fighting off (2 F) zombies through my window screen (slit necks with pencil (no clue why))