Surprising Expansion

Date: 4/23/2017

By Fitful

I was, we were, building. It was this massive undertaking but we built on the side of a cliff. Or around the edges of a what could be a cliff, the ground was unsteady there. If you forgot and built there it would collapse underneath you. We met someone who showed us the secret to building on the unstable ground. It was so simple and easy we kicked ourselves for not having thought of it. Immediately we began building over the areas we had previously had to avoid. One girl I was acquainted with, I'm not sure we got on very well, she learned too that for me to succeed she had to sacrifice herself. It seemed to mean death( I thought she was being dramatic) she threw herself from the cliff. But she did it 6 times, as if her body split into several Astral bodies and all fell in different directions and different ways, and different landings. She was, of course still alive when she landed (I recall her eyes being open and myself from her conscious point of view for a minute) but her body was broken and couldn't be used again. Hence the sacrifice. I was a little horrified and I think giggly, my expression of nervousness. I didn't think it was necessary but I didn't really want her around anyway and she also didn't listen to me. I think I keep paving over the areas which had been treacherous but were now solid.