2 - back again

Date: 5/12/2019

By Aler

Emerging into the woods, I check my map and see it’s a long way from home. I’m near a ruined tower and s lake. I start biking along the leaf covered gravel path. I am passed by two ATVs, then one turns around and passes me from behind. I flag it down, asking for a ride. It is less a vehicle and more of a moving tent. The driver tried to ignore me, then eventually let’s me squeeze in. (Later, in a flashback, it’s revealed that I hijacked the tent). I leave the tent/car when we reach a paved road I can bike on. I follow the contours of a lake, over a river and stop at a small community near a grave yard. My mother is here. We enter a small church with a couple old men inside. We have a scheme. She hands them two hand drawn portraits. I start to describe my trip through the tunnels, just as I did in the first part of this dream log. When we reach the pet where I emerge into the woods, we both start singing “I saw the light”. Somehow this lets us steal their money and escape. We are now walking along an incredibly wide boardwalk next to a lake. I know it’s Lake Erie, but it looks much too small. A man tries to throw a rock, but doesn’t get close to the water. I guess this proves that the lake is further away than I thought? The dream ends with a new scheme to get home. I travel through time to meet Benjamin Franklin, and demonstrate to him how keys work. If he can understand this, it will change the timeline and get us home. Now I wake up. It feels like an ending.