Date: 2/7/2017

By finethread

In a lan game party. Jamie is organizing gameplay on a bunch of computers with about 12 people playing against a team a room over. I ask if Dan is coming and Jamie says no. While waiting for Nikki to arrive to our team I leave the dark industrial looking room and meet up with a group of women a few rooms down. The whole building is an abandoned dark warehouse. In the room we watch an episode of a weird kid show wherein I become the main character. In the show there is a weird toddler sized troll that is an annoying tag along companion that everyone love/hates. She jumps from a window and becomes injured and begs me to kill her instead of letting her suffer. I don't want to and walk away but she convinces me and I curbstomp and kill her (offscreen). All the women cry but comfort me. I return to the gaming room crying and find the computer play has stopped and now the group is moving into playing a modified version (kind of like tag/hide and go seek). Tyler leads me, Nikki and some other person up a dark concrete staircase. A team of two other players come down the stairs towards us and we back down to the ground floor. We have rebar as a means of "tagging" each other. You have to tag someone twice to kill them. A guy tags me twice really hard and I get angry because he was unnescesarily rough with the rebar. I fight with him and we fall to the ground where I start violently punching him in the face. Everyone stops playing to watch horrified and come to his aid. I wake up.