awesome mech battle

Date: 2/3/2017

By figen

I am outside my house, and I know there is a robber nearby. It is night time, so I turn on the porch lights, and see someone trying to take my car. When he realizes he can't take it, he runs across the street. It takes me a second to figure out what he is doing, but once I realize, I start panicking. The neighbor's have this 50 foot tall robot mech thing. It has rocket launchers and lasers and things like that. I can tell he is going to get in it and start blowing up the entire neighborhood. So I go in my other neighbor's backyard. I can see through the window, my other neighbor is on a treadmill, and doesn't notice me. His mech is only about 10 feet tall, it's called the spider walker. I steal it and head towards the robber, who is already blowing stuff up in his giant mech. I shoot a steady purple laser beam at him. It does a good amount of damage, but when he notices, he shoots a rocket at my mech. So the spider walker is badly damaged, and the treadmill guy is now outside in his underwear yelling at me for stealing it. I shoot another beam at the mech, and it starts to break. But instead of exploding, it turns into this disgusting giant mass of flesh. The meat pile has some kind of psychic powers, but I keep on shooting it. The dream ends