Captured, I Don't Want the Noodles, Magic Moth

Date: 3/24/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was a little girl in a public building of some sort with hardwood floors and heavy velvet maroon curtains which took up most of the back wall. One of us had committed some minor offense, but now the authorities were after all of us. The way they were coming for us made them seem like Nazis doing a raid. I hid behind the big curtain, but a man in a uniform felt me through it and grabbed me and pulled me out. Suddenly the dream went back in time and I was supposed to try again. I hid behind the curtain again, but this time higher up on the window sill. I was still found. Back in time, try again. I avoided the curtain altogether this time and found a way out on the roof. This time I was older and there was another male escapee going the same way I was. We jumped onto the ground which wasn't too far below the roof and started running through a field towards some woods. I saw a coyote running the same way and told the guy with me to follow it. I knew it would instinctively know which way to run to avoid getting caught. Sure enough it led us to some tall grass where we disappeared. 2: I was in a school that resembled my old elementary school with my sister. It was after hours and the school was mostly empty. I had a thing in my hand that looked like a big plastic toy horn. It played music and made cheap crappy food. "Wasn't your last one of those a toy truck?" Jenna asked. I said yeah, I liked it better but it still made crappy food. I used it to make some buttered noodles. They spilled out the front and top of the horn and just hung there. I started eating them even though I really didn't want them. The music it was playing was too loud and the volume dial wasn't really working. It was playing some random radio station and I was trying to cover its stupid little speaker holes. I saw some 6th graders walking around and told Jenna, "6th graders are like 3 year olds except awkward." I think I meant that everything is new to them but in a way that can make them feel really self-conscious. Then I was outside sitting on the edge of a fountain eating the noodles. They were really grossing me out now, but I felt obligated to make it at least look like I was finishing them. I had found a way to shut the music off. I would occasionally drop handfulls of noodles into some puddles in front of me when no one was looking. Then I realized a woman off in the distance was staring at me. I stared back defiantly thinking, noodles are biodegradable so get over it. 3: I don't remember much about this one except that I was trying to reach a little green moth high on a shelf because it was my familiar and I needed it to do magic of some sort. I spent a lot of time climbing things trying to find it, but finally it landed on my finger and we were happily reunited.