Hiking trip turned to the Underworld

Date: 7/6/2019

By LucyElla

I was standing at the bottom of this hill with my boyfriend Leon, my friend Vicky a few others and the leader who was taking us up the hill we were about to go the guy gave me a backpack to put my stuff in as I don't have a proper walking one and I wasn't sure how to get it on as the clips crossed so I got Leon to help me put it on and realised it was like the bag he has where it crosses over a sholder but then I remembered that I wanted to change clothes so I quickly told the leader and he said i had time so I picked up my pile of clothes i got ready before and ran to the cabin we were staying in Vicky went with me to change as well we got in and I looked in the mirror suddenly I had my long hair again and was mostly wearing my school uniform which was really considering but I just thought nothing of it after i stood there for a bit, I was going to wear shorts or leggings but decided not to so I changed to my light wash jeans and a white top it I started packing my bag with a few things but i wasn't sure what I needed. After a while we were both ready so ran back up to the group but they had all disappeared suddenly the dream changed I was a spectator and in some sort of underworld there was an angle/devil who was with this girl she has long red hair and he was showing her around but he took something and put it in his house. It was this old rock that had a powerful red crystal inside it. He got in trouble because they knew it would be him as he was new after taking up the role from his dad a few months ago later the care takers of the place where he took the stone from went looking for him summoning him to the castle like place where all the artefacts are kept, he tried to play it off as if he didn't know anything as they were walking around he tried this ring on which lets you bend rocks and walls the guy look at his so he signed and teleported it back to its place he told the guy he didn't have the stone and as they walked out that room the stone was in the middle of the floor infrount of them the care taker still wasn't impressed but was gald to have it back later on the care taker was taking to Hades the god of the Underworld who controlled mostly everything th at happened down there so he said he would talk to the new so he would understand the rules better that's all I can remember.