Up-esque Adventure

Date: 2/28/2019

By iLoveBees

I'm on a sort of make-shift house built on a large platform about 6x6 meters square. The top is like a steeple and attached are 3 party balloons, kind of like the movie Up. The house is attached at the bottom to the top of a pointed skyscraper and we're in the clouds. We're up this high because of two reasons: 1) the Earth has undergone a drastic change and the environment is wacky. That's why the house can float with only a few balloons. The temperature near the ground is very hot and can't be tolerated for long. 2) We are caring for a strange long-haired boy (age about 3 or 4) that we found who needs to be in a cold environment, such as the cloud layer atop skyscrapers. Our group consists of myself, the child, a young woman I knew from before the change, an old man (like from Up), and a few others we picked up in our travels. We all share the goal of protecting and nurturing the child. We somehow know he's very important. Later, I end up in a video rental store talking to the owner about the earlier segment as if it was a movie I watched.