Chocolate, DOS, and Cheaters

Date: 3/13/2017

By Fitful

I was riding the train to get to a job interview, the guy had called from very far away, and requested me personally. I was upset because while I did remember to bring my nice clothes I was wearing old dirty pajamas and I hadn't taken a shower yet. I don't know why I left before I took a shower but I think it was a last minute thing. I felt very uncomfortable and self conscious on the train and felt even weirder about asking my new employer to use his shower. It turned out I forgot all about it because my appointment was a doctor's visit instead. The guy had summoned me due to a lot of time traveling and my grandmother's request. There was something about people getting sick and dying. In a local clinic we sent help. There was a lot of chocolate distributed. The chocolate both caused the disease and cured it. For some reason we had to do this like this. It was the way to help everyone. My grandmother sat on a council, as a judge, and over saw the event. There were two young girls who swung the chocolate into place. I saw a younger version of my grandmother, and well she looked even better now young in the present time youthful and vibrant, but this younger version was also so young and so beautiful. There was also a baby involved. Or my grandmother was the baby. I don't know. I was at home, trying to get my computer to work. It was one of those old DOS computers, white, and bulbus moniter, bouncing thick keys. My roommate, came to help me fix it, I was mashing keys because I was so frustrated. For some reason I didn't know how to make the computer work or reason out anything. He asked what I wanted it to do. I just wanted it to play this love song pdf which I always played whenever I clicked on it. He didn't seem to get it, made a joke about a different song or pdf or whatever. He kinda was condescending, as if I was silly for wanting it to work consistently. I made hot chocolate and poured it into a tall plastic cup while I told a story to my roommates, two guys, about cheating spouses and their side piece being outside. I was angry. I put the cup of hot chocolate outside on the window ledge, like a saucer of milk, it was to keep the side piece warm in the winter night. My roommates rushed to the window ledge and climbed out and found their lover, a guy, crying hysterically about not being a cheater, not being a cheater, over an over again.