About a boy, more

Date: 5/13/2019

By Yeraz

*I was honored to be his gf, holding his arm and showing all the boys who only wanted me for one thing that he made me his. He gave me a gift in the dream but I couldn’t see what it was. I said “See, he gave me this, and you guys never did.” Joe D was in the dream and looked sad/regretful. *Mama texted him saying “you can call me mom.” They supposedly had a great relationship and he would send her nice pictures of scenery etc. I said what he doesn’t even send me pictures hahaha. Then he sent a picture of his house and he said wow he comes from a great house in the suburbs and look how beautiful the sky is. That might symbolize he comes from a good home/family. *He told me, “Just tell me if you want to sit at a table instead of the bar. I won’t mind” and pulled his chair out at the table. *In the dream, he told me about his dad’s health condition. Maybe it means he wanted to tell me but was too embarrassed.