Super in love in dream, hilarious dream logic

Date: 8/5/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So this is an older dream I had maybe 4 months ago. I dreamt that I met this girl and we were so in love it was crazy. Have you ever had those dreams where you are just super angry in your dream and want to break things? If not have you ever had a dream where you wake up crying for weird reasons that sometimes don't make sense? You know what I'm talking about. Dreams have incrediBle emotions that you can feel. Now imagine being super happy. Well anyway, in this dream with this girl I was super happy like happy as I've ever been. I don't remembered the details cause it's been like 4 months but in the dream me and her were friends. But we both liked each other but never said anything. Then randomly out of nowhere she sends me this big long text like 8-9 lines long basically confessing her ❤️. I don't really remember what the text said but I specifically remember one part said that she was "getting off" to the idea of us being together. And I was like SAY WHAAAAA??? 😮😍😛 I just remember staring at that text re reading it thinking I'm reading it wrong. No she must mean getting off a habit? O couldn't believe it. Then we met up and just did a bunch of stuff and all I remembered is that happy feeling. Like I was taking drugs(I've never took drugs). But it was like my brain was crazy on dopamine and stuff. And no we never ended up having sex or anything like that. I have no idea why but for some reason my brain will not allow it, it's like there's a pg 13 filter in my brain lol. Even in a lucid dream if I summon and seduce a cutie she always walks away or I wake up before it begins. I've wrote about this before She wasn't an actual girl I know in real life but I guess she was a mixture of a bunch of different ones I know in real life. But she was really hot 😍😍😘 As of typical dream logic she gave me her phone number in the dream because she knew it was a dream and I'd never see her again. She kept getting me to repeat the number so I wouldn't forget it when I woke up. The I did wake up and guess what? Not only did I forget, but what I did remembered was the number was only like 5 numbers long LOL. It was so STUPID though I laughed when I woke up, I mean how dumb is that. Here I'll give you my number so when you wake up from the dream you can text me! Wut??? With all that aside it was a really blissful dream and I woke up still super happy exactly how you wake up crying from those sad dreams. Or wake up furious from those angry one