Flooded Apartment

Date: 8/1/2017

By toxxicduck

In my second dream of the night, I was with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast (been watching that a lot recently). I was watching them like tv but was actually WITH them, following them around and stuff. Their police station looked like my apartment, if my apartment had longer hallways and more rooms. We were on the second floor and I was following Santiago and I think Holt as they were following a trail of water and garbage in the hallway. Santiago had her gun out and had a bulletproof vest on, it all seemed very dramatic. They discovered that the lower floors of the building were flooded and we were all trapped. I then had a vision of how this problem happened in the first place. Turns out the sewer broke in through the basement and began to leak in. The sewer just had a lot of garbage in it for some reason. It slowly leaked into the basement over a period of time and everyone knew it was leaking but was too lazy and apathetic to do anything about it, so eventually it just flooded the entire lower floors and now we were all stranded on the second. Then the dream changed and it was my actual apartment and I was with my siblings. One of my brothers looked like he did when he was a 12 year old. The lower floors were still flooded and our apartment was two stories now. I needed my belongings from down below, so braved the sewage water and swam down there. It was gross. It didn't look gross, but I just KNEW it was gross. There was garbage floating everywhere, but otherwise the water was clear as if I were wearing goggles in a swimming pool or tropical waters. I don't remember actually grabbing anything, but next I appeared back upstairs. I was at the dining table going through the boxes of stuff I gathered and was trying to get supplies together so we could survive being stranded in the apartment. My siblings were not taking the emergency seriously though, and Tristen (the one looking like his 12 year old self) was being SUPER annoying and kept screwing with my organization. I know there was more to this dream, but I can't remember it at the moment.