Cluster of dreams

Date: 8/5/2019

By olibizzle93

The first part I was in an airplane and it was pretty big. I don’t know where I was going. But it was somewhere far away and the flight was really long. end it was really cloudy outside like it was going to rain or the weather was going to get bad. And the plane started shaking. We hit really bad turbulence and all of a sudden we start plummeting down. And it was really loud and everybody was really scared. And I was freaking out because you were about to crash but then when we got to the ground it like it landed really softly. And I was so relieved. But we landed in Russia and we had to hide because we didn’t have passports and we weren’t supposed to be in Russia and so we were like hiding all around making sure that we didn’t get caught by the Russian police. Another part that I remember was I was at a restaurant and I forgot to tip the waitress and the restaurant had a deck that was outside. So I went to go find my waitress and she was out on the deck when I got out there it was like really old wooden deck and it was creaking and cracking. And it was kind of cold outside or it looked cold. And I’m trying to find a waitress and give her the money for her tip and off the side of the deck is the ocean and it’s really really far down like if you fell off it’s really really far fall. But then there’s like some type of sea creature. Like a mix between a dragon and a fish huge like a dragon and move like a dragon but it was fish like and it knocked the whole deck down and I was able to grab onto the side of the restaurant and not fall into the water and that’s when I realize I was dreaming And I really want to wake up but I couldn’t because I was falling into the water and want to fall in the water so I start like ripping up the side of the restaurant pulling away the roofing tiles and like side paneling and I eventually to dig my way through to another room but it’s not the restaurants looks like a gymnasium but it’s empty and then I actually did wake up